Divij Rajkumar divij@rjkmr.com github.com/jivid

Production Engineer - MySQL Infrastructure

Working across many parts of the infrastructure:

    • Continuous Restores for MySQL Backups
    • Online Shard Migrations
    • XDB - Shared MySQL Hosting
  • MySQL Operations Intern

  • Developed tools to better understand instance space usage over time
  • Improved monitoring and data collection across the backup system
  • Enhanced internal self-service MySQL provisioning system
  • Campus Ambassador

  • Represent Sequoia on campus and report on promising trends and companies
  • One of 11 students chosen from across North American schools; including MIT, Harvard and Stanford
  • Site Reliability Engineering Intern

  • Wrote an application to easily manage and request MySQL grants
  • Co-ordinated security updates for over 1,000 servers and switches
  • Developed build scripts to help move core code away from a monolithic repository
  • Co-founder and Lead Developer

  • Website that aimed to make home renovation design accessible to everyone
  • Sole developer on product primarily built with Django and MySQL. Managed all server and database administration as well
  • Software Engineering Intern

  • Wrote the foundation for Havoc, an automated framework for running ad-hoc regression tests and burn-in on servers
  • Delivered 11x increase in switch upgrade speed with the help of Python scripts
  • Hardware Verification Intern

  • Deveoped a test infrastructure for Open Compute servers
  • Hackathon project: bicycle powered laptop charger


  • Languages: Python, Bash, C/C++, JavaScript
  • Web: React.js, Django, jQuery, Backbone.js, Hack/PHP
  • Infrastructure: MySQL, Bind9 DNS, Docker, Puppet, SaltStack
  • Other: Thrift, Mesos/Aurora, Zookeeper, Redis
  • Want to learn: Network security, System scalability, UI/UX Design

    Server Administration

    Akobi - Remote Interview Application

    WatPy - Waterloo Region Python group


    Ops School Curriculum (contributor)

    Mozilla (contributor)


    University of Waterloo